• How Well Does the Parking Equipment Meet Your Specifications?

    One of your first tasks is to determine what features and functionality you need. Often this comes down to how you want to charge/manage all sorts of patrons and how you want to manage your car park in terms of safety, accountability and personnel.

    The parking industry in Malaysia has come a long way. From the days of payment by cash to the current trend of cashless. Interestingly enough cashless collection was brought into Malaysia by SYSMANTECH early as 2008.

    How do you want to manage the car park collection?

    Any form of cash collection, may it be pay at counter, pay at exit or pay at an Autopay machine is dependent on a higher number of equipment and is labour intensive. That in turn creates greater expenses incurred to the car park owner in terms of equipment maintenance, insurance cost, labour cost, administration cost…the list goes on.

    Hence the current trend is cashless. Every transaction is safely transferred from the car park patron directly to the company's bank.

    What about special discounts or free parking?

    Some businesses offer "validated" or discounted parking to tenants and nearby businesses. Our INFINITY system offers multiple types of validations or free usage at a single location, at the sole descretion of the car park owner.

    If you're at the early stage of your procurement research and need a high-level overview, visit our webpage www.sysmantech-technology.com or contact us directly.

  • Does the ROI Justify the Cost of the Parking Equipment?

    When you've checked off your wish list of specifications, the next step is to decide whether the investment will pay off.

    Using average vehicle revenue (the average cost per vehicle to park), occupancy percentage and daily turnover, calculate your projected parking revenue. With a cashless system, you can also factor in labour cost, insurance cost and maintenance cost savings and enhanced revenue collection (machines are simply more reliable at securing parking payments) as your additional income.

    Most businesses find they can recoup the costs of their parking equipment in under a year, and some in less than six months.

    Parking equipment is viable for at least 10 years and sometimes much longer, which makes the ROI clear. One of our customers recently sent back a part from a barrier gate that was built over 12 years ago! INFINITY barrier gate motors are long-lasting and our kiosks are durable because we use rust-resistant powder coated stainless steel. Plus, all our kiosks, gates and readers are manufactured and assembled in our own plants, for total quality control.

  • Is the Pricing Competitive?

    Like all other products, parking equipment ranges from premium to budget. A parking consultant can help you understand the players in the industry and choose a good fit for your budget, whether you're looking for higher-end, mid-range or value-priced parking equipment.

    How does INFINITY equipment compare in price to other leading parking equipment manufacturers ?

    We're happy to say that our pricing is competitive in Malaysia as it's is locally manufactured using European standards hardware.

  • Is it Easy to Use for Parking Customers?

    At SYSMANTECH we give a lot of thought to parking equipment usability. In fact, we've studied it extensively, with a focus on seniors' needs. Not only does this demographic represent a growing proportion of users, seniors are also a good test case for usability.

    The equipments can be identified from a distance, with clear identifiable design and intuitive screens to make payments seamless. It is also placed at an appropriate height to enable a person in a wheelchair to use it as well.

    Many parking equipment manufacturers have engineers design the inside of the machine first. The outside, where the user interacts, is designed as an afterthought only.

    When we design our parking equipment, we do so from the outside, in. Emphasise to patrons ease of use is what sets INFINITY equipment apart.

  • Is the Parking Equipment Smart?

    Parking equipment has come a long way and parking payment methods are an important area of innovation. Our E55 payment kiosk (CPK- Cashless Payment Kiosk) accepts credit cards, debit cards, Touch N' Go cards and e-Wallets.

    But payments aren't the only area getting an update. Smart parking meters take this old-school piece of parking equipment into the 21st century. At SYMANTECH, we offer smart parking meters that allow users to pay by parking space or license plate number.

    When it comes to access control, smart technology opens the possibilities for credential reading. We offer Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) proximity and long range readers.

    And when your parking customers need to find a space, fast, take advantage of our real-time space availability sensors and variable message signs.

    Our Electronics Parking System (EPS) is another form of smart parking technology that increases customer convenience. Users can pay for their parking at the tap of a phone, have parking validated, or renew access cards on-line.

    You can expect to see more advancement in parking equipment, so source from a manufacturer that makes upgrades easy, like SYSMANTECH TECHNOLOGY.

    Ease of Installation:

    As a frame of reference, most SYSMANTECH systems can be installed in a few days, while individual machines can be installed in just a few hours (good weather and ease of access to other existing infrastructure plays an important part in our performance).

    Automation and Remote Management:

    While some parking lot owners may wish to have staff on-site, there are benefits to parking equipment automation, which is why SYSMANTECH equipment is designed to work as a completely automatic solution, managed remotely.

    When you need access to your parking business data, it be readily accessed? Our WLI Car Park Management software is easy to use and also has best-in-class functionality.


    INFINITY also works with your existing access control.

  • The Equipment Backed by Training and Service

    At SYSMANTECH, we know how important it is to get your parking equipment up and running quickly, to avoid revenue loss.

    When you need hands-on help, we have friendly, knowledgeable service technicians and local service partners who come to you.

    Most maintenance issues are simple enough for operators to easily perform themselves. That's why we provide unlimited training.

    We find that the best learning happens when parking operators are focused on a specific task. As needs arise, we're there for you.

    Maintenance of INFINITY equipment is easy. Need to remove a paper jam in your parking ticket printer? With our training, you can do it 30 seconds, with no need for a service call.

    Time to replace a printer? It's as simple as unscrewing the hardware and replacing it with your spare inventory. Most tasks take only a few minutes to DIY.

    INFINITY parking equipment service and maintenance keeps costs low and revenues high.

  • Does the Parking Equipment Come with Custom Branding?

    Having parking equipment in your brand colours and your logos go a long way towards minimizing confusion, building trust and creating a great first impression. Plus it extends your brand to the parking lot.

    Let us know, and please share any questions. We're happy to help. Click here to contact us to find out further.